Yolo x9 YOLO in their convo! (X2)

Verse 1:
YOLO in their CONVO / That’s what their speaking!
You Only Live Once? / The Advice of A Demon
Never Judge a Book by its Cover / Like the Sequel
I’m Not trying to Judge / Run Game/ or Deceive You!
I’m Trying to Lead You / To a better Life
Eternity with Christ / Die Once and Live Twice
A Different Type of Math / With Infinite Probability / Residually / Stacking / Consistently
But You Ain’t feeling me?
I Choose to Swallow Pride and Ride with Humility
Grind for the King Of Kings / Who Died for His Infantry
I Pray the Gangsta’s & The Goons Hear the Holy Spirit Speak
Before they End Up Dead / Or Rotting / In the Penitentiary

Only God can Judge Me (X3 Scrathed) / YOLO!
YOLO (x4) YOLO in their CONVO
No No to da YOLO / No No / No No to da YOLO / NO! (X3)

Verse 2:
How many Consequences / Does it Take to See?
That You’re / Dancing with the devil in the Belly of the Beast!
You Could Die any Second / Tell Me where you Gunna Be?
Forever with the Enemy or Your Heavenly Seat!
We got No Time For that Nonsense!
The Consequence / Outweighs What you Profit
You Ain’t Even Getting in / You need to Stop it!
You on That / “ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE ME!”
And He Will Quick / Yo it’s Time to Repent!
Forget about Religion / This is All About Relationship
Relate with Him / That Made You From The Dust / To Form Your Baby Skin
Why Do You Play With Him? / His Grace I So Amazing When
You Know You Should be Dead / But Your Still Living / Amen!
The Same Men Claiming Gangster When you See’em
Will Beg For Forgiveness / Form Yeshua when they Meet Him
I’m Not Trying to Sell You Salvation or Freedom
You can Get it FREE / Surrender to Jesus!


Release Date : May 6, 2014
Genre : Christian Rap
Format : Digital Download

This record was created to REBUKE the rebellious spirit that promotes the lifestyle of “YOLO” (You Only Live Once) that attempts to sabotage the mindset of our generation!