Song Credits + Lyrics

Written By: Jessi Johnson (NuDILIGENCE) (2022)

Performed By: NuDILIGENCE

Mixed Mastered by: E-Dot

Beat Produced By: Young Swisher Beats



You’ve been so good Lord
So good
I don’t know about y’all man 
But God has been super good to me
Come on man
Let me testify
Thank you Jesus

Verse 1:

Two double o seven
The ending of my ninth teen
I was dead in my sins
You still loved me like a king’s queen
It’s embarrassing
I was stupid foolish and arrogant1
But you buried him
And rose from the grave just to marry him
It’s amazing when
I think about your love
A maze we’re in
We can’t escape from it
So we bow our knees and praise with lips
You’re so immaculate
That you cleanse us from our past of sins
And place us on a narrow path
To purify our hearts within
It’s so evident
The settlement I’m settled in is heaven sent
Instead of life in prison
Eternal life is my present tense
That’s why our praise stay mega lit
And bare much fruit to the Father
You’re the worthiest definition of what worthy is
We raise our hands just to worship
You’re marvelous
And when the gang left me dead up in that ditch
You rose me from the grave
So I wouldn’t die in sin

Praise Break:

Oh hallelujah
I pray they understand
How good you are Lord
I wouldn’t even be alive right now
If it wasn’t for you Jesus

Verse 2:

Pronounced dead on arrival
Beaten battered and bruised
My mom was confused
And wondered why her son wouldn’t move
The vicious tragedy had to be
Due to the oaths that I had with these
Demonic principalities
And commitment to their savagery 
Another casualty lost
To the darkness of insanity
A gangsta mentality 
Wasn’t what the Lord had for me
He fought masterfully
To deliver from what captured me
And blew my life back in my body
So your boy could breathe
I was deep in a coma under sheets
Black and blue
Face swollen
Bearing no teeth
Doctor’s bleak
Tellen mama exactly what he sees
And he doesn’t believe
I’ll be alive in a week
The devils lies tried
To impede on God’s seed
But the Holy Spirit opened up my eyes
The same week
God’s been good
That’s why his praise stays in our speech
He’ll always be good
That’s why we serve him
Like it’s time to eat



Oh glory to God
You’re so worthy Lord
There’s nothing that we can so or do
To thank you enough
For how good you’ve been to us
We love Jesus
We love you Father
Continue to be glorified in and through out life
For your glory
In Jesus name
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Release Date : August 19, 2022
Genres : Christian Hip-Hop, Christian Rap, Gospel, Gospel Rap
Format : Digital Download